Has Your Facility Completed A Hazardous Material Chemical Inventory?

Has Your Facility Completed A Hazardous Material Chemical Inventory?

HazMat - HMIS Flammable

Virtually all compliance laws from OSHA, EPA, and DOT are based on chemicals. Therefore, it is essential to perform a Hazardous Materials Chemical Inventory on products used, stored, processed, produced, manufactured, and imported as part of a facility’s operations.

The EPA recognizes, for its own compliance purposes, a chemical is “anything reflected in a (M) Safety Data Sheet – liquid, solid, or gas.” Thus, accurate compliance requirements would be impossible without being informed of regulations that apply relative to your facility’s chemical inventory.

Perform on-site physical inventory:Determine inactive products and compile an inactive SDS system.Locate products that do not have SDS on file and obtain SDS from the manufacturer.Determine maximum pounds on-site, calendar year usage in pounds, container type, location of, use, & physical state of each hazardous material.Inspect storage procedures and complete a summary of the facility’s compliance with SARA Title III Laws and Uniform Fire Codes – Article 80.

Evaluate Data and Make Regulatory Determinations

  • Determine if any Tier II reports need to be filed.
  • Complete and file if necessary.
  • Complete and file Hazardous Materials Inventory Statement to city, county or state (as necessary).
  • Review database for materials on-site in quantities great enough to require reporting. Prepare a report on these chemicals for use during any potential release.
  • Determine if your facility separately has manufactured, processed or otherwise used, more than the threshold limit of the aggregate total of all SARA Title 313 candidate chemicals. Based on determination, file a Form R as necessary.

Envirosure’s HMIS service

Much more than a simple chemical inventory, Envirosure’s HMIS service is used by major industries as the basis for their EHS compliance programs.

Envirosure’s HMIS defines and establishers a site specific Environmental, Health, and Safety Regulatory Roadmap assisting our clients to become proactive in satisfying compliance mandates required for their facilities by local, county, state, and federal jurisdictions of the EPA and OSHA.

The HMIS summary assists our clients pinpoint the site-specific compliance mandates for their particular facility, thus saving time, effort, and energy trying to determine their status under current laws.

Many of our clients elect to have the information generated from this service available via the internet, thus providing time saving, up-to date information available for authorized individuals.

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