Crane Safety Training

Safety training is its own reward


OSHA Standards for all industries reference training requirements for various job functions including the safe operation of cranes, lifts, hoists, and derricks. The safe operation of this class equipment is a function of the operators understanding of the equipment and the manner in which it may be used safely.

Occurrences of events concerning crane and hoist activity which result in lost time, product damage, or employee injury are an indication that equipment operators and riggers do not fully understand the concepts that allow them to perform safely and efficiently.

Crane and Rigging Safety Training, in addition to helping you be in compliance with OSHA requirements, will prove to be an investment in increased productivity as well as potential benefits in the form of fewer lost time injuries, decreased product damage, and reduced insurance rates.

In the interest of furthering the crane and rigging safety, Envirosure has developed training courses covering:

  • Crane Safety is a two hour course covering operator safety responsibilities.
  • Rigging Safety is a two hour course covering rigger safety responsibilities.

These safety courses are developed by a licensed professional engineer with extensive background in the field of material handling and crane certification, and are developed along general guidelines specifically for the equipment used at your facility. Each course is presented in a classroom at your facility and includes shop demonstrations of the safety principals covered on the actual equipment used by your employees.

Each course covers materials focused on operation or rigging including:

  • OSHA history
  • ASME / ANSI Standards for crane operation
  • Crane / Rigging operating hazards
  • Crane / Rigging Safety Presentation
  • OSHA and ANSI Standards for rigging methods
  • Calculating lift capacity of various configurations
  • Center of gravity and pick points
  • Workbook session
  • Hand signal handout and review
  • Ten examples of errors in rigging and handling
  • Shop demonstration and hands on rigging testing
  • Quiz on material covered
  • Grading of quiz and class discussion

Upon completion of training, a certification record for each participant will be sent to your offices for your personnel files documenting attendance, scope of training, and date.