Environmental Site Assessment (ESA)

Identification and resolution of site liabilities


Environmental Site Assessments (ESA) identify potential or existing environmental contamination liabilities for specific real estate or land holdings. The ESA typically addresses both the underlying land as well as physical improvements to the property ESAs include examination of potential soil contamination, groundwater quality, surface water quality and certain other issues related to potential hazardous substances including asbestos, mold, etc.

From the initial purchasing stages to full-out remediation, Envirosure’s team handles all aspects of the Environmental Site Assessment. Our Services include:

Phase I ESA (generated per ASTM standard E1527), assessing the impact of hazardous materials resulting from historical or current use of site or even off-site migration.

Phase II ESA, assessing soil or groundwater and conducting surveys related to asbestos, lead, or other special concerns.

Phase III ESA, the “clean up” work. Envirosure’s team of environmental scientists have extensive ESA experience and can perform the service, educating and informing you throughout the process, always keeping your interests in mind.

If its a question of site evaluation or site clean-up, we welcome the opportunity to discuss your concerns. Give us a call at 480-784-4621