Refrigeration Operator Training

Operator training for safety and plant efficiency

Facilities having ammonia refrigeration systems with operating charges in excess of 10,000 pounds are subject to EPA and OSHA regulations relative to extremely hazardous chemicals. EPA’s Risk Management Program (RMP) and OSHA’s Process Safety Management (PSM) require training of process system operating personnel to assure qualified individuals have control of these systems.

Refrigeration Training 2

Envirosure Solutions offers the ANSI Accredited ammonia refrigeration system Operator Training programs formulated by the Refrigerating Engineers and Technicians Association (RETA).

RETA, founded in 1910, is an international society of individuals and companies involved in the design, operation, and service of industrial refrigeration systems. With a membership in excess of 3,000 individuals and companies, RETA functions as an industry recognized source in the professional development of industrial refrigeration operating and technical engineers.

RETA courses lead to operator certification, a process that recognizes an individual’s qualifications and demonstrated knowledge RETA offers certification at two levels:

Certified Assistant Refrigeration Operator (CARO) 
An entry-level examination designed to identify whether an operator has the basic knowledge to function safely in an equipment room under the supervision of a more experienced operator . No minimum experience requirements.

Certified Industrial Refrigeration Operator (CIRO)
Requires a minimum of two years verified experience in industrial refrigeration plant operation.

After covering the prescribed course material, certification is obtained by means of an on-line examination of approximately three hours. Certification provides third party validation that an operator or assistant operator has met standard requirements for experience and knowledge.

Envirosure instructors are personnel who have designed, installation, service, and/or operating experience with ammonia refrigeration systems, and are RETA members who have passed the CIRO exam. In addition to covering the RETA prescribed course material, our instructors familiarize themselves with systems operated by our students to allow detailed discussion of the concepts presented in terms of the system the student operates.

CARO Training
Envirosure’s CARO training program requires sixteen hours of classroom time and covers RETA texts Industrial Refrigeration I and Industrial Refrigeration IV. Material covers this:

  • Introduction to Refrigeration
  • Fundamentals and Terminology
  • Refrigeration Cycles, Refrigerant Properties, Refrigerant Tables
  • Compressors, Compressor Operation, Oil Draining
  • Evaporators, Condensers, Purging
  • Codes and Laws, OSHA/EPA Requirements, Process Safety Management
  • Review Exams and Discussion

CIRO Training

Envirosure’s CIRO training program requires forty-four hours of classroom time and covers RETA texts Industrial Refrigeration I, II, III and IV plus Basic Electricity I and II. Material coverd includes the above CARO course plus:

  • Liquid Feed: DX, Flooded, Liquid Recirculation
  • Secondary Heat Transfer Systems, Heat Flow
  • Two Stage Systems, Defrosting
  • Equipment Installation and Service
  • Trouble shooting
  • Basic Electricity
  • Ladder Diagrams
  • Overall Review

OSHA / EPA compliance is a full time job
 requiring that EHS professionals provide the necessary planning, programs, implementation, management, training, enforcement, reports, documentation. and follow-through to maintain your firm’s position as being “in compliance”. With expertise and technology, Envirosure has systemized procedures to cost effectively accommodate compliance requirements, allowing you to concentrate on your core business.

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