Automotive Shredder Residue (ASR)

Cost effective ASR management

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Because ASR material does not fit into the common media categories included in SW-846, the application guidelines and regulations are difficult to interpret. Envirosure, LLC is a comprehensive environmental consulting company who take care of on-going ASR management for clients with varying regulations and protocols. This hands-on, on-going participation has brought Envirosure to the forefront of ASR management and awareness of cost-saving protocols.

Envirosure understands the burden of ASR management – you need the job done to the specifications of the law for a predictable cost. You need someone that will be there for years, to place your environmental and safety compliance on auto-pilot. You need risk management against enforcement penalties, cost and time effectiveness through know-how, and legislative updating. Envirosure can provide that for your company clearly and cost-effectively.

Standard ASR Services:

  • Assist with material acceptance policy and procedures.
  • Assist with internal ASR handling, storage, and record keeping procedures.
  • Conduct random inspections (in-house) for large vendors to verify compliance.
  • Assist with correspondence to regulators, when necessary.
  • Collect quarterly ASR samples per individual state protocol or develop for states without protocol.
  • Use specialized state-of-the-art equipment designed to shred ASR to required size (per protocol) in a significantly reduced timeframe.
  • Prepare letter report documenting waste characterization of ASR per laboratory reports. Coordination and disposal of ASR material determined to have hazardous waste characteristics (i.e. lead or PCBs)
  • Set up of EPA ID number, annual reporting (if required), and records maintenance.
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This all inclusive service for ASR management ensures all the mandatory steps are followed to meet the regulatory requirements. Envirosure has professional scientists experienced in the collection, processing, and handling of ASR material, as well as specialized equipment to significantly reduce ASR processing time. By servicing numerous clients on ASR management, Envirosure is familiar with common problem-areas as well as cost-effective corrective actions.

Envirosure performs as your advocate, ally, partner, and army in the trenches. We can execute any role that you deem helpful, be it minor or major. There are many factors influencing that role, those unique to you and your company. The scope of services vary by client; for example, some clients have utilized Envirosure to focus on a small number of specialized needs, while others operate in a partnership with Envirosure who performs as their EHS compliance department satisfying all ASR management and other compliance related issues. Either way we’re here to serve your environmental needs.

20 / 20 Hindsight

In 1997, the New Hampshire Department of Environmental Services began investigating soil contamination at the Gendron Junkyard in Pelham, New Hampshire. A pile that contained 10,000 cubic yards of ASR was found on the property. Cadmium, lead and PCBs had leached from the pile into the surrounding soil. From April 1998 to December 2000, EPA spent approximately $2.6 million on the cleanup of the Gendron Junkyard. In February 2002, EPA reached agreement with the Gendrons (owner-operator) to recover part of the cleanup costs. In the final settlement, the owners agreed to pay $650,000 for the cleanup. This violation probably could have been avoided by proper storage and disposal of the ASR.