Cost Effective Document Management
Manage EHS compliance documentation for one or many locations from an internet tie-in wherever you are. All EHS documentation available from one internet location for true cost effective EHS management.

  • Complete current documentation at your fingertips.
  • Data available throughout your organization.
  • Password protected …access with authorization.
  • SDS availability at plant work stations.
  • On-line training program management.
  • Ready reference for officials.

In addition to meeting EHS compliance requirements, we focus on reducing costs via the possible reduction of utilities and raw materials, and the efficient disposition or reclamation of waste.

Success Story

A food processor managing multiple refrigerated facilities had the desire to provide his operating and maintenance personnel with current detailed data on systems and equipment from various locations throughout the facilities.

This same information was important to aid responding personnel in event of emergencies. The solution was simply to go on line with drawings, equipment lists, MSDS data and photographs. All persons with need-to- know could access pertinent information from any location within or outside the physical locations covered.

Substantial time was saved hunting through plant files in the central office, and persons in different locations could discuss maintenance details while viewing the same online documentation.

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