Engineering for Sustainability

The Envirosure Engineering Group employs expertise spanning a wide range of technical disciplines to enhance safety, minimize environmental impact and maximize profitability of our clients’ facilities and processes.

Envirosure’s engineers have been involved in development, design, estimating, scheduling, and project management for major entities in manufacturing and construction across the United States.

Our engineering group has developed state-of -the art, sustainable solutions for:

  • Aircraft production
  • ASME pressure vessel fabrication
  • Building and pipeline construction
  • Food Processing
  • Foundry dust abatement
  • Hazardous waste water treatment disposal
  • Industrial crane design, modifications, and conversions
  • Lime production and bagging
  • Maritime industry materials handling
  • Metal parts production
  • Modular building industry
  • Paper making materials handling
  • Photographic industry production and marketing methods
  • Road construction
  • Scrap tire recycling

Every major construction activity impacts the environment in some fashion. We have registered engineers on staff that will work with your architect or process design team to assure your project is implemented in an environmentally sound and cost effective manner.

Environmental compliance laws impact virtually every commercial and industrial activity in the U.S.

As environmental compliance managers, Envirosure is familiar with the means and methods employed by a wide variety of manufacturing and construction industries.

Our goal is to resolve the environmental compliance challenges our clients continually confront.

For many industries, we accomplish this through an engineering evaluation of existing production methods and techniques.

From there, we may modify production methods, materials, and practices to achieve cost effective compliance with OSHA, the state DEQ, and EPA achieving reduction in overall costs.

We welcome the opportunity to discuss your next construction project.